CTE & Business Courses


    Career and technical courses prepare students for jobs that are based on manual or practical activities, and totally related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation. CTE is sometimes referred to as technical education as the student directly develops expertise in a particular group of techniques or technology. CTE courses strive to help students become educated, prepared, adaptable and competitive in the workforce.

CIS Program
CS: Webpage Development
CS: Multimedia
CS: Computer Structures
IS:  Computer Science
Computer Applications
Advanced Computer Applications

Exploring Business & Management
Business & Management 1
Business & Management 2
Personal Finance
Financial Services
IS: Business

Automotive Technology
Exploring Automotive
Automotive Technology 1
Automotive Technology 2

Exploring Construction/Woodworking
Woodworking 1
Woodworking 2
Woodworking 3
Artistic Woodworking
Engineering Design

Construction Trades
Exploring Construction/Woodworking
Construction 1
Construction 1 Advanced
Construction 2
The Art of Home Care
IS: Woods/Construction

Hospitality Tourism & RM
Exploring Hospitality Tourism & Rec.
Hosp. Tour. & Rec. Management
Catering & Hotel Management

Early Childhood Education
Exploring Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education 1
Early Childhood Education 2
IS:  Child Education

Arts & Communication Tech
Exploring Graphic Arts
Graphics 1
Graphics 2
Graphic Production

Metals Fabrication
Exploring Metals Tech
Metals Manufacturing Tech 1
Metals Manufacturing Tech 2
Artistic Metalworking

School to Career
Work-Based Experience
Teacher Internships
Career Internships