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Congratulations to the Winners of the 
SkillsUSA 2011-2012 Competitions!

 Outstanding Advisor Recognition
Cathy Behm 

Advertising Design
Christina Mekvold - 1st place

Rishal Sharma - 2nd place
Jamie Marquez - 3rd place

Cameron Baldwin - 1st place
Alex Cage - 2nd place
Eric Cruz - 6th place

Computer Maintenance Technology
Mark Krughkov - 2nd place

Computer Programming
Josh Chang - 1st place

Culinary Arts
Marquise Ruffin - 6th place

Emblem Ceremony
3rd Place
Blake Raymond
Jenifer Dominguez
    Anna Irymesku     
Brian Geiger

Extemporaneous Speech
Kyle Wilson - 3rd place

First Aid-CPR
Victor Vorasai        1st place

Job Interview
Victor Vorasai - 6th place

Job Skill Demonstration A
Hunter Moss - 3rd place

 Job Skill Demonstration Open
Saige Fultz - 2nd place
Brian Geiger - 6th place

Preschool Teaching Assistant
Shannon Price - 4th place
Brittany Tucker - 5th place

Quiz Bowl
1st Place
Mark Krughkov
Marquise Ruffin
Shannon Price
Victor Vorasai

Related Technical Math
Kyle Wilson - 4th place

State Officer
Jenifer Domiguez

State Pin Design
Christina Mekvold - 1st place

Tech Prep Showcase- Industrial 
3rd Place
Cameron Baldwin
Eric Cruz
Jaime Marquez

T-shirt Design
Jenifer Dominguez - 3rd place

Web Design
1st Place
Julianne Nguyen
Jennifer Lee